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Applied Nutraceuticals working on a NO boosting protein bar

applied nutraceuticals protein bar

Applied Nutraceuticals has revealed that it is currently working on another edible supplement, that sounds like it’s going to be quite different from its delicious Vanilla Marshmallow Ooh Snap Bar. Not a lot of exact details have been released just yet, but the brand has given us a bit of a description.

The protein bar that is only at the concept stage at the moment, is being described as a functional sports nutrition bar with 20g of protein, all from whey isolate. It also apparently has NO boosters, BCAAs with no word on whether they’re naturally occurring or added free form BCAAs, and a low calorie count.

We’ll definitely share more information as soon as we get it, although for now it does sound like the App Nut bar is quite a while away from being released. On the bright side it does sound like quite an interesting product, not just because it has 20g of protein with low calories, but because it features NO boosters of some sort.