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Berserker Amino just like Berserker without caffeine and glycerol

berserker amino

Yesterday we got a look at Medi-Evil’s upcoming pre-workout supplement Warfare, which we felt didn’t look anything like the brand’s current pre-workout competitor Berserker. It turns out since Berserker was originally designed to be both a pre and intra-workout, Warfare is replacing its pre-workout side and a product called Berserker Amino is taking care of intra-workout.

Unlike with Warfare, the new Berserker Amino has a lot in common with the original pre-workout Berserker. Actually, when you look at the two formulas side by side, you’ll notice they’re almost identical with the exception of two ingredients. Berserker Amino is basically Berserker without its 150mg of caffeine per serving, or its gram of glycerol monostearate.

Outside of those two ingredients mentioned, everything else from Berserker is in Berserker Amino, with a lot of the features also keeping their doses. The ingredients that have remained exactly the same are beta-alanine, creatine, beetroot, tyrosine, taurine, panax ginseng, BioPerine black pepper, and Vinitrox.

As for the ingredients that have been slightly changed, Berserker Amino packs 275mg more citrulline malate which is unfortunately listed without a ratio, twice as much BCAAs with 2g, and a gram of arginine AKG instead of 750mg AKG and 250mg arginine.

Medi-Evil is expected to be releasing Berserker Amino sometime in the near future, with the supplement due to be introduced in four 50 serving flavors with Blood Orange, Very Berry, Green Apple, and Real Cola.

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