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Fitmark gets creative with two Bento-style containers


Fitmark has just introduced two new types of meal containers for fans to squeeze into their meal bags. The items are both Bento Box style containers, with one featuring five different compartments inside, and the other slightly more complex with two compartments and a bowl attachment.

As you’d expect the Bento-style products do cost a little more than the regular Fitmark containers, twice as much in fact at $19.99 for two. You can get them in same style packs, so two of the five compartment or two of the bowl version, or in a mixed pack with one of each.

There is also actually a deal on right now involving the new Fitmark releases, which is perfect for anyone after a new bag and likes the look of the five compartment containers. Basically, through until the end of this month, on its website the brand is throwing in two of the five compartment containers free with any purchase over $75.

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