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Introducing John Meadows’ very own Granite Supplements

granite supplements

Since last year’s drama all went down when John Meadows tested his Intra-MD EAA+, we’ve heard from a lot of people including Aaron Singerman who plans on relaunching Prime Nutrition, bigger and better. The one person we haven’t heard much from is John Meadows himself, however that silence has been broken today with the introduction of his very own brand called Granite Supplements.

At the moment we don’t know a whole lot about any of the products from John Meadows’ new brand, just their names and a short description of the idea behind them. Like most good supplements, all of Granite’s formulas are going to be 100% transparent and are said to be “high quality premium products”. All we really get from that is we’ll be given the doses of all the ingredients in the products, and that we’re probably not in for any basic formulas like creatine monohydrate or glutamine.

granite supplements

As for the names of the four supplements we know of, Granite is going to have a pre-workout competitor called Arc Reactor, weighing in at a rather large 510g per tub. Next is the capsule fat burner Lipocalypse, the premium intra-workout Recovery Factor, and lastly a product called Keto Factor.

While we have only been given a sneak peek of sorts at John Meadows’ Granite Supplements, we can’t help but be excited for its launch. The brand has enough products to make an impact, and we know they’re going to be great formula wise after seeing how unique John can be with the supplements he put together at Prime.

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