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Help come up with Kodiak’s next Attack flavor and win big

kodiak attack

Today we’ve got something pretty special to announce that almost everyone is going to want to be a part of. We’ve partnered up with the innovative team over at Kodiak Nutrition for a promotion involving its top rated pre-workout Attack, your own flavor creation, and a year’s supply of the supplement itself.

If you couldn’t quite put it all together based on the three aforementioned clues, what we’ve done is got together with Kodiak for a Stack3d run flavor challenge. Basically we’re going to be taking in suggestions for what you think the brand’s next new flavor should be for its powerful DMHA pre-workout, Kodiak Attack.

kodiak attack

As for where the year’s supply of product comes in, the person responsible for submitting the winning flavor will win themselves that very prize. The year’s supply will in fact be made up of their winning Kodiak Attack flavor. We’ll be accepting any and all ideas, creative, crazy, vague, simple, and everything in between.

The promotion is going to start with suggestions from everyone accompanied by names and emails, we’ll then move to a voting round to get the list right down to just a few. Everything you need to know about the Kodiak flavor challenge is going to be dropped this coming Monday, including details about where to enter and how the winner will be decided.

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