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Win a year’s supply of Kodiak Attack in a flavor you created

kodiak flavor challenge

We’ve teamed up with Kodiak Nutrition for something pretty epic this month, with the Kodiak Flavor Challenge. While the brand has certainly proven that it can be creative when it comes to flavors with recipes like Star Punch, Jolly Watermelon, and Rainbow Fruit. It’s decided to let our readers pick the next flavor for its top rated pre-workout Attack, and is putting up a prize that will make it worth your while.

How to enter

The promotion is fairly straightforward and is going to be run over the next three weeks. Firstly, for the entire week that we’re currently in, we’re taking in flavor suggestions. We’re allowing everyone to submit a maximum of one flavor per day, which can be done over on our Kodiak Flavor Challenge page.

Five finalists

After we’ve got everyone’s entries in, we’ll be looking over the lot with Kodiak and picking our five favorites. Once we have our finalists we’ll then be putting it to a vote from Monday the 23rd through until Sunday the 29th. The most popular flavor will then be created by Kodiak for its pre-workout, and the person who suggested the flavor will win our massive grand prize.

kodiak flavor challenge

The prize

The prize up for grabs is a year’s supply of Kodiak Attack in the flavor that wins the contest. Basically if you suggest something like Salty Strawberry, and that ends up being selected as one of the five finalists and then finishes with the most votes, you’ll win 12 full-size tubs of Salty Strawberry Attack.

Be creative

The more creative your entry, the higher chance you have of being selected as one of the five Kodiak Flavor Challenge finalists. At the same time you need to make sure the flavor is something a lot of people will like the sound of, as in the end it is the fans that will pick the winner.

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