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Upcoming Medi-Evil pre-workout much simpler than Berserker

medi-evil warfare

While we did already know Medi-Evil was working on a new pre-workout supplement after it teased a few samples of one mid last year. We didn’t really know anything about it, up until now. Details have just surfaced of a new product from the brand called Medi-Evil Warfare, which is a pre-workout being promoted as coming soon.

Compared to the brand’s current pre-workout competitor Berserker, Medi-Evil Warfare looks like a much simpler supplement. While it does feature a handful of ingredients from Berserker, the upcoming product has a slightly smaller serving size at 5g, and doesn’t use any of Berserker’s heavier ingredients like BCAAs or creatine.

The main features making up the new Medi-Evil Warfare are 1.5g each of arginine AKG and beta-alanine, a light 800mg of citrulline malate (2:1), 350mg of regular arginine, 300mg beetroot extract, 150mg caffeine, 10mg panax ginseng, and 2.5mg of BioPerine black pepper. Much like Berserker the brand does recommend a maximum of two scoops for Warfare, so you can double all of those doses listed, bumping the likes of the beta-alanine up to 3g and caffeine to 300mg.

Unfortunately, the only details we have about when Medi-Evil Warfare is going to be available is that it’s coming soon. We don’t have any exact release week or month, although we can tell you what flavors it’s coming in. Warfare is definitely not going to be short on flavors when it arrives, as the brand will be launching it in four 50 serving options with Water Melon Crush, Tropical Punch, Citrus Burst, Raspberry Rage.

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