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New flavor for EWP launching this coming Monday

grape ewp

Dana Linn Bailey’s supplement company Run Everything Labs has dropped a teaser for a new product it plans on releasing in just a few days time. By the looks of things that new release is going to be another flavor for the Run Everything Labs stimulant pre-workout, Enter With Purpose or better known as EWP.

The teaser doesn’t confirm what the name of the flavor is going to be, but it does feature a few clues. Scattered in the image are what we think are grapes, which match perfectly with the purple strip that can only just be seen on the tub in the teaser.

With all of that taken into consideration, we’re going to take a guess and say a Grape EWP is possibly up next from DLB and Run Everything Labs. As mentioned we’ll find out whether we’re wrong or right when the new release drops in a few days time, with the brand saying it’ll be here this coming Monday.

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