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Scivation dropping a new pre-workout within the next month or so

scivation pre-workout

Some of you may remember in the middle of last year, there was word that a new Scivation pre-workout was in the works. We didn’t get any details about what kind of pre-workout it would be, just that there was one on the way. That supplement is now in the final stages and is apparently going to be released within the next month or so.

The confirmation of Scivation’s new pre-workout dropping within the next few weeks has come with a teaser image that still keeps us in the dark about what kind of product it is. All we really get from the image is that the supplement is going to be coming in powder form, and that it will feature a branding similar to all of Scivation’s other products but with a bit of purple mixed in.

As we’ve said before, we know Scivation can put together a powerful pre-workout, as the last time it entered the category it gave us the highly rated energy and focus formula Psycho.

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