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Outbreak’s latest now available with a smaller Antidote also on the way

outbreak antidote

The two new Outbreak Nutrition supplements unveiled last month are now available direct through the brand’s official website. For those that missed the post, the new releases are the DMHA powered, flavored fat burner Reclaim, and the carbohydrate infused amino, Antidote. We do actually have a bit more information to go with the launch, especially if you like the look of Antidote.

While Outbreak’s BCAA competitor has been released in its one previously confirmed size, a rather large 60 serving tub. It turns out the brand does plans on dropping a significantly smaller option later down the road. Outbreak Antitode is eventually going to be available in two sizes, the massive 800g, 60 serving as well as a half-size, more common 30 serving.

Until the smaller Antidote arrives, it is just the 60 serving that fans can get their hands, which certainly isn’t too badly priced or at least direct it isn’t at $44.99. The complex amino formula comes in three flavors with Grape, Strawberry Margarita, and Tropical. As for Outbreak’s fat burner Reclaim that has been priced at $34.99, and also comes in three flavors with Dark Berry Blend, Fruit Punch, and Tropical Ginger Twist.

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