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Unique sounding Overtraining Solution up next from Ambrosia

overtraining solution

The collaborative brand Ambrosia, which is the combination of Marc Lobliner of MTS, Sean Torbati of HPN, and Mike Rashid of ImSoAlpha, has just unveiled its next new supplement. Following on from its very first release, the focus formula Mental Jewels, and its health competitor Nektar, is the much more obviously named Overtraining Solution.

At the moment all we have to go off is a preview of Ambrosia’s upcoming Overtraining Solution, which really only gives us its name and a couple of other details. Based on that name, the product sounds like it’s been designed to do something involving overtraining, maybe help prevent it or lessen its effects in some way. We won’t know the full story until we get more than a picture, but we do know it packs all of its ingredients into a fairly light 2.9g unflavored serving.

Ambrosia has definitely proven that it can be fairly innovative with Mental Jewels and Nektar, so with a name like Overtraining Solution we can only assume the brand has yet another unique supplement on its hands. Fortunately, Ambrosia does tend to move pretty quickly with new products, as last time it previewed something it was completely unveiled with pre-ordering available just a couple of days later.

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