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REPP Sports unveils its most basic supplement so far

repp phenibut

So far all of the supplements we’ve unveiled from REPP Sports have been fairly complex formulas. The list of items we’ve seen include the fat burner Raze, the anti-estrogen formula Arimivar introduced last week, and the powerful pre-workout Reactr. We’ve now got details on the brand’s fourth upcoming product, which unlike the other three is extremely basic.

The latest supplement to be unveiled by REPP Sports is simply called Phenibut, an individual ingredient sleep formula. It features just its title ingredient phenibut, in each of its 90 capsules, dosed at 250mg. The product directs users to start with 1 to 2 capsules 30 to 60 minutes before bed to help with sleep, meaning each bottle will get you around 45 servings. It does also say you can use up to 6 capsules before bed, although that would obviously make it a 15 serving supplement.

REPP Phenibut is due to be launched later this month alongside the other three products we mentioned, Raze, Arimivar, and Reactr. The brand is meant to start with a total of five supplements, so we should be seeing at least one more before REPP makes its entire line available.

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