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Sour Gummy Bear Attack wins the Kodiak Flavor Challenge

sour gummy bear attack

Over the past few weeks we’ve been running the Kodiak Flavor Challenge, a contest where we took flavors suggestions from our readers for what the next flavor of Kodiak Attack should be. We then got together with the brand, selected our five favorites, and put it to a vote on which one should be the winner and eventually produced.

Yesterday all of that voting came to an end with the clear cut winner turning out to be Sour Gummy Bear, a flavor suggested by Louis Venanzi. Sour Gummy Bear actually won by a landslide, taking home 54% of the votes, with the runner-up being Swolley Rancher on 19%, and the rest at 10% or less.

Kodiak has confirmed that the fan selected Sour Gummy Bear Attack is going to be put into production and is expected to be out and available in just eight weeks time. Also, the winning flavor creator Louis Venanzi, has been contacted and will be getting his years supply of Sour Gummy Bear when it launches.

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