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Universal Liquid Carnitine updated with almost twice as many servings

universal liquid carnitine

If you were after a little more information on Universal’s new Liquid Carnitine, which was originally unveiled last week. Today we have all the answers including the exact dose of carnitine in the product, how many servings it has, and what new flavors the brand has put together for it.

Firstly, as previously confirmed Universal’s updated Liquid Carnitine packs a little more carnitine per serving, with 1.5g instead of 1.3. It does get even better as the brand has also managed to almost double the amount servings you get per bottle, with the new supplement squeezing in 15 more servings for a total of 31.

Lastly we have the new flavors for Universal Liquid Carnitine, which see the original Citrus Cocktail being replaced by two tastes in Wild Berry and Watermelon. Retailers are expected to be getting the product sometime in the near future, although if you want it now it is already available from the brand’s own website.

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