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HPN’s upcoming sirtuins activator sounding very unique

hpn s9

High Performance Nutrition has been a bit busy lately with the reveal and release of its new joint support competitor, J8. It turns out that hasn’t stopped the brand from keeping the innovation going, as it has confirmed that another entirely new supplement is right around the corner.

The name of the next product from the brand is HPN S9, which like most of its products’ names doesn’t really tell you much abut it. The supplement is actually being promoted as a sirtuins activator, with sirtuins being a class of proteins that are involved in a wide variety of important, natural processes such as inflammation, aging, and energy.

With the upcoming S9, HPN looks like it’s aiming to deliver a lot of effects along those lines including increased bloodflow, metabolic activation, and DNA protection. The brand is saying more information on its next, very unique sounding product will be along soon, with an official launch probably not too far away either.

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