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Kali Muscle’s Hyphy Mud 2.0 getting another 2 flavors

hyphy mud 2.0

Just a few months after the release of his sequel pre-workout Hyphy Mud 2.0, Kali Muscle has already decided it’s time to add more flavors to the supplement. At the moment the product that features a fairly light 3.8g proprietary blend led by beta-alanine and citrulline malate, comes in just the one flavor with Tropical Fruit.

Now confirmed by Kali Muscle to be joining Hyphy Mud 2.0’s one and only flavor, is Watermelon Kiwi and Orange Pina Colada. There is no word on exactly when they’ll be added to the supplement’s menu, just that they’re coming and will likely available on the Hyphy Mud website first before anywhere else.

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