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Possible industry first Tasty Whey being unveiled at midnight

tasty whey

In less than 24 hours time we are going to be unveiling a new flavor from Adaptogen Science for its flagship protein powder, Tasty Whey. We don’t really have any clues to pass on for the flavor just yet, however we do have a fairly exciting fact about it.

The next new Tasty Whey flavor isn’t going to be one you see from many other supplement companies. In fact, we have never seen this flavor available from any protein competitor. We won’t quite say it’s an industry first as there are a lot of different proteins out there, but we definitely wouldn’t be surprised if Adaptogen is the first to create this one.

As mentioned we are going to be revealing the next Tasty Whey flavor in less than 24 hours, as the brand has given us permission to unveil it at midnight tonight.

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