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Harley Quinn is our guess at Perfect Shaker’s next hero


In two days time Perfect Shaker is going to be unveiling another addition to its fast growing, and extremely popular Hero Shaker Series. The new addition is due to make it 11 for the Marvel and DC Comics inspired line, following the brand’s Iron Man shaker which made it 10 a couple of weeks back.

For now Perfect Shaker has only released a teaser of its next Hero Series design, which has left us a little puzzled. The brand has passed on a teaser which features an all pink shaker, with confirmation that the upcoming hero is going to be a female. The image has certainly left us stumped, as Perfect Shaker usually goes with popular heroes and not much really comes to mind with just the color pink.

Our one and only guess at the next Perfect Shaker release is the villain Harley Quinn. She isn’t usually represented by the color pink, but she does fit with the brand’s theme of popular characters and does have a touch of pink in her hair. We also wouldn’t be surprised if there is some kind of twist here for Valentine’s Day, and we actually get two new Hero Series shakers with Harley Quinn and the Joker.

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