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REPP Sports arrives at Suppz with much better prices

repp sports

Anyone that’s been waiting to try something from the new REPP Sports line of supplements, and doesn’t quite like the prices the brand has available on its own website. There is now a major retailer stocking almost the brand’s entire line-up with ReactR, Raze, R-PCT, and ArimiVar, but not the individual ingredient formula Phenibut.

The retailer is none other than the fast-acting Suppz, who basically has all of REPP Sports’ complex products. The prices are as mentioned, all significantly better than what the brand has them for with the pre-workout ReactR, fat burner Raze, and R-PCT all at $34.95 each. As for the anti-aromatase formula ArimiVar, that one is quite a bit lower at $27.95 a bottle.

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