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Scivation unveils its long-awaited pre-workout Quake

scivation quake

To keep the hype going for Scivation’s long-awaited pre-workut release, which we did post a bit about last week. Today we have an official unveiling of the supplement, revealing two tub sizes and flavors, all of its major ingredients, and its name.

We’ll go over the important details first, with the pre-workout’s name which is Scivation Quake, and the many ingredients we can now confirm. In total there are six features we know of at the moment including 7g of BCAAs, 6g of l-citrulline, 3g of tyrosine, 2g of the PeakO2 performance blend found in Xtend Perform, 1.5g of NO3-T arginine nitrate, and a gram of Capros.

scivation quake

All of those ingredients and doses mentioned are from a two scoop serving of Scivation Quake, with 40 scoops packed into the product’s larger tub and 20 in the smaller one. The pre-workout is also said to have four other features in it, one of those four being caffeine, however we don’t know how much caffeine.

The only other details we have to share today are two flavors for the upcoming supplement with the two taste recipe Watermelon Bubblegum and Lemon Drop.

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