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Wolverine shaker possibly launching in line with Logan

wolverine shaker

The team over at Perfect Shaker is at it again, teasing yet another addition to its growing Hero Series just two weeks after the launch of its last one. The brand has given us the usual clues, with the fact that it is a hero shaker and that it uses the colors yellow and blue.

Based on the few details we’ve got, we’re going to take a guess and say Perfect Shaker’s next Hero release is going to be a Wolverine shaker. Not only is he a part of the Marvel universe which Perfect Shaker has used a lot of heroes from, but the colors match perfectly with Wolverine’s classic X-Men uniform.

Another thing that hints at the possibility of a Wolverine shaker is that the brand is planning on launching its mystery item exactly one week from now. The reason that points at the popular Marvel hero is because this time next week, the third solo Wolverine film Logn, is also going to be released in theaters.

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