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Yamamoto Nutrition continues to grow with its new Super Greens

yamamoto super greens

Yamamoto Nutrition is a fast-growing supplement company that we’d like to introduce to you today, which comes all the way from Italy. Like most European brands, Yamamoto has quite the extensive line-up, featuring a longer list of products than most US companies. It covers all the usual categories including weight loss, protein, muscle building, pre-workout, and much more.

The most recent addition to the already large Yamamoto line is the self-explanatory supplement Super Greens. As you could probably guess the product is a fruits, vegetables, and plant extracts formula, including ingredients such as broccoli, cauliflower, spinach leaves, ginger root, and chlorella. While it does pack a lot into each serving, Yamamoto Super Greens doesn’t have the largest selection of options avaiable coming in just the one Red Berries flavored, 13 serving tub.

If you’d like to find out more about Yamamoto Nutrition, you can check out its website at, although we do suggest setting a good amount of time aside. When we say the Italian brand has a lot in its line-up we definitely do mean it, with its online supplements section featuring over 100 different items. Moving forward, you can also count on seeing updates from Yamamoto here at Stack3d, which by the looks of things will be quite frequent.

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