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Ballistic Labs’ rebrand brings with it a new and improved Trigger 2.0

ballistic trigger 2

As suspected when we saw its teaser video a couple of weeks ago, Ballistic Labs has now unveiled an all-new look on its entire line of supplements. Like with most companies, Ballistic’s rebrand has brought with a little more than just a brighter and more modern look.

On top of its switch to a cleaner look for its labels, and a more consistent mix of colors with black, white, and orange. Ballistic Labs has also launched a new version of its stimulant pre-workout formula Trigger. The sequel product is simply being called Trigger 2.0, which features a lot of the same ingredients as the original with a few at much bigger doses.

Everything that is actually in the previous version of Trigger is in the new Trigger 2.0, except for arginine AKG and creatine monohydrate. Ballistic has of course filled those gap with a couple of new additions to the formula, throwing in 100mg each of theanine and norvaline, 1.5g of betaine, and 20mg of bitter orange.

As for all of the ingredients Ballistic has carried over from its original Trigger, a lot of them have maintained their doses, although there are a few that have been bumped up. Features like dendrobium, agmatine, and creatine HCl have been kept exactly the same, while the tyrosine is up 400mg, and the taurine and citrulline malate have been doubled to 2g and 6g.

ballistic trigger 2

You can get a closer look at all of the newly rebranded Ballistic Labs supplements on the brand’s website, including its new and improved pre-workout Trigger 2.0. The products are also all available for purchase through there, except for Amino Reload and the new Trigger, both of which are listed as out of stock at the moment.

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