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Caramel Pretzel Ooh Snap Review: Pretzel pieces scattered throughout

caramel pretzel ooh snap

Back at this year’s Arnold Expo in Columbus, Snap Nutrition confirmed the coming of a third flavor for its delicious Ooh Snap protein bar. That flavor was Caramel Pretzel, which we just tried a sample of and can tell you it is one you’re going to want to grab when it arrives if you’re a rice krispie fan.

Previously the only flavor of Snap’s protein bar competitor we had tried was its original Vanilla Marshmallow. The flavor brings together a very sweet combination of vanilla and on point marshmallow, that mixes with its smooth rice krispie consistency for an incredible high protein treat.

caramel pretzel ooh snap

Snap’s upcoming Caramel Pretzel Ooh Snap is a lot like Vanilla Marshmallow mixing together a strong caramel base with what tastes like another sweet touch of marshmallow. To top it all off the new flavor also has pretzel pieces throughout, that add nice little crunches and a bit of pretzel flavor to the whole experience.

Basically if you’re a fan of Snap’s first Ooh Snap flavor, then you won’t be disappointed with its Caramel Pretzel. It’s smooth, easy to chew, doesn’t feel like you’re eating a protein bar, and it’s packed with just as much flavor as all of the other regular, non-rice krispie type protein bars.

The Caramel Pretzel Ooh Snap has still yet to be launched, although it is due to be available sometime within the next few months. The best place to keep an eye out for the release would be the brand’s own website, or one of Snap’s bigger retailers such as

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