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Elite Labs teasing its next new release as some kind of game changer

elite labs

Elite Labs has just dropped a teaser for a new supplement it has coming down the pipeline, which will be its first entirely new product in quite some time. From what we can gather from the teaser, it doesn’t look like the mystery supplement is going to be another protein formula like the brand’s last two releases, Best Tasting Whey and IsoBuilder.

As exciting as the news of another non-protein product from Elite Labs is, there is something else to the upcoming release that makes it even more interesting. The brand is actually promoting its mystery item as some kind of revolution, going as far as saying that it’ll “change the game”.

With so little to go off at the moment, we don’t really have any guesses as to what the supplement could possibly be. Elite Labs is however making it sound like it’ll be one worth waiting for, especially since it’s referring to it as a game changing product.

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