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Giant Sports set to take on the ketogenic market with Giant Keto

giant keto

From one ketogenic supplement to the next, following on from today’s unveiling of Finaflex’s Ketoburn and Ketotropin has come details of Giant Sports’ ketogenic competitor, Giant Keto. There hasn’t been a label released confirming the entire Giant Keto formula just yet, although the brand has dropped a fairly thorough description.

Like a number of other ketogenic products, Giant is saying that Giant Keto will induce ketosis in less than an hour. Ketosis is of course a state your body can switch to while on a low carbohydrate diet to use fat as energy.

Each tub of Giant Keto is said to pack a total of 20 servings, with each serving featuring 14.5g of BHB salts (yielding 11.7g of free BHB). Some of the other ingredients confirmed to be in the supplement include vitamin C, K, and D, Fibersol-2 fiber, aspartic acid, and carnitine-l-tartrate.

You can read more about Giant Sports’ new ketogenic product on its website and look forward to seeing it released soon in the one Raspberry Lemonade flavor.

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