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Max Effort Muscle from Cory Gregory does a lot of things very differently

max effort muscle

Max Effort Muscle is relatively new supplement company here at the Arnold Expo that definitely stands out. Its unique branding and mixture of bright colors make it a hard one to walk past. We of course stopped by to find out a little more about the brand and ending up learning a lot more.

It turns out Max Effort Muscle is a new brand from none other than Cory Gregory, the man most famous for co-founding the Athlete’s Company MusclePharm. Max Effort is however a very different company, both in terms of products and how it does everything.

max effort muscle

At the moment Max Effort Muscle has five supplements available, all of which are named after the categories they compete in. The supplements are Test Booster, Pre Workout, the BCAA + glutamine formula called Post Workout, Fat Burner, and the somewhat transparent protein powder titled Tri Blend Protein.

Where things get a little different with Max Effort Muscle is as mentioned, how the brand does everything. Firstly its line can only be purchased direct from its own online store, with no physical or online retailers like The brand’s products are also all priced exactly the same at $34.99 each, and can be ordered in a build your own stack with any three supplements for $100.

max effort muscle

One other interesting thing about Max Effort Muscle is how customers actually receive their orders. Instead of sending out its supplements in the typical cardboard boxes, the brand uses custom printed burlap potato sacks, which is what its hashtag #WHATSINYOURSACK is all about.

You can check out Cory Gregory’s new company and all of its products on its website, which isn’t overly well put together but it does have all the information you need.