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Introducing Pitbull Labs, its transparent protein, and packed out BCAA

pitbull labs

Pitbull Labs is an all-new supplement company that’ll easily grab your attention with its bright and colorful branding. You won’t however want to let its colorful look be all you see, as Pitbull is just as impressive when it comes to its formulas.

The new and upcoming company has launched itself with two products, a protein powder called Pitbull 100% Whey and a BCAA which comes in two versions, BCAA and the energized BCAA Stim.

pitbull labs

As its title suggests, the brand’s protein powder is made entirely out of whey protein, using two sources with hydrolyzed whey and whey concentrate for 25g of protein per serving. Pitbull Whey is also a rarely seen transparent protein, as it does have on its label its exact breakdown of protein sources with 12.75g of hydrolyzed whey and 12.25g of whey concentrate.

As for Pitbull’s other supplement BCAA, that’s where the brand gets a little more creative. The Pitbull BCAA easily falls into the more complex category of BCAAs, as it features a fairly hefty combination of 7g of plant based BCAAs at the usual 2:1:1 ratio, a gram of carnitine-l-tartrate, 2.5g of glutamine, 2g of l-citrulline, and coconut water. As mentioned there is an energy version called BCAA Stim, which is the same as the regular just with an extra 150mg of caffeine per serving.

pitbull labs

While Pitbull’s line-up is quite small at the moment, that’s not actually going to be the case for long. The brand has said it does have two more products already in the works, both being designed for the competitive pre-workout category. More information on those will be available soon, although for now you can find out more about Pitbull and its two bright and colorful supplements at

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