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Run Everything Labs fans could be getting a vegan protein

run everything labs

Dana Linn and Rob Bailey’s supplement company Run Everything Labs has just dropped a teaser that we feel is fairly easy to breakdown, and quite exciting for protein fans. The brand has dropped an image this week of a tub product alongside the words “sorry for the wheyt” and the seedling emoji.

Our guess at the upcoming Run Everything Labs supplement is an all natural, vegan spin-off of its protein powder Pro. The use of the emoji for us is the biggest clue, and since the brand does already have a whey formula, a vegan protein would make sense.

The even more exciting news is that we aren’t going to be waiting too long for Run Everything Labs to reveal and release its mystery product. The brand is also promoting the 15th of May with what we think is going to be a vegan protein, which is just four days away from today.

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