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Universal bringing back its old-school staple Egg Pro

universal egg pro

Earlier this year we saw the first release from Universal Nutrition in a very long time, with a new and improved version of its Liquid Carnitine. Another new supplement from Universal has now been confirmed, which is yet another relaunch from the brand.

Just like with Liquid Carnitine, the new Universal item we have details on today is an older product that’s being updated called Egg Pro. This one hasn’t actually been around for quite some time, with the new version being described as “an old-school staple with a new school taste”.

As the supplement’s name suggests, Universal Egg Pro is a 100% egg protein formula. Each of the new product’s servings comes with 24g of protein from instant egg white powder, 2g of carbohydrates with half of that sugar, zero fat, and a very low 104 calories.

Those numbers mentioned are all for the Vanilla flavor of Egg Pro, with its other option Chocolate only being slightly different, featuring 3g of carbs, zero sugar, a gram of fiber, and 108 calories.

Universal Egg Pro has still yet to go into production so we’re not too sure on when it’ll be available, although it is definitely something you can expect to see in the very near future.

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