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HPN B(10) featuring vegetarian BCAAs, carnitine, and all natural flavors

hpn b10

HPN has passed on everything you need to know about its latest innovation today, which is the complex amino formula B10, officially written as B(10). Previously all we knew about the product was that it features BCAAs and carnitine, with today confirming exact doses, forms, and the ratio of the BCAAs.

Firstly the dose of the BCAAs in the new HPN B10 is 5g of SunBCAA vegetarian BCAAs, at the common BCAA ratio of 2:1:1. As for the carnitine, it is included as carnitine-l-tartrate at 1.2g per serving. Also like a number of other HPN supplements, B10 is naturally flavored with the brand’s unique combination of monk fruit and stevia.

hpn b10

As previously promised, the new HPN B10 has been made available for purchase this week, and with two introductory deals. The cheaper of the two offers is a single tub of B10 for $34.99, in the one 30 serving size and Sweet Apple Candy flavor. The other offer is three tubs of the product for $95, working out to a saving of $10, and you also get a free shaker.

The only way to access either of HPN’s rather secret B10 deals is through the following links, one tub and three tubs.

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