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HPN goes with a little more than BCAAs in its new B(10)

hpn b10

The innovative team over at HPN has started this week off with the introduction of an entirely new supplement. That supplement is actually going to put the brand into a rather mainstream category that it surprisingly isn’t currently competing in.

The name of the latest HPN creation is B10, or more officially B(10), which is a flavored BCAA formula. Being the brand that it is, there is of course a little more to the product than BCAAs, making it a bit different from most other amino cocktails.

As well as featuring BCAAs, at a dose and ratio yet to be confirmed, HPN B10 also has an unknown amount of carnitine. To further separate it from the rest, the supplement has absolutely no artificial colors, dyes, flavors, or sweeteners.

According to HPN its new BCAA product is going to be available through its official website later this week, in at least one flavor with Green Apple Candy.

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