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iForce confirms SwoleMate at the first ever Fitcon Expo

iforce swolemate

iForce Nutrition is one of the many popular supplement companies here at the first ever Fitcon expo in London, England. Like most major brands it has also passed on some new products details from the event that iForce fans will definitely want to hear.

The brand apparently has two entirely new supplements currently coming down the pipeline, with the name of one of those two now confirmed. A product called iForce SwoleMate is what has been revealed at Fitcon, which at the very least sounds like it’ll be quite a unique supplement.

We can’t unfortunately confirm the official category or categories of the upcoming SwoleMate, although based on the name it definitely sounds like it’s going to involve pump in some way. We do also know that pump isn’t going to be the supplement’s only effect, as iForce does already have a dedicated pump formula with the legendary Hemavol, and that’s not going anywhere.

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