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Outbreak previews its upcoming, world ending pre-workout Pathogen

outbreak nutrition pathogen

The apocalypse themed brand Outbreak Nutrition currently competes in five different supplement categories. You have its pre-workout Virus, pump formula Serum, the nighttime recovery cocktail Refuge, and the two most recent Outbreak releases, the fat burner Reclaim and amino Antidote.

This week the brand has unveiled its first new product since the launch of Reclaim and Antidote, with the flavored formula Pathogen. Unlike Outbreak’s last couple of releases, Pathogen isn’t for an entirely new category; it is a pre-workout exactly like Virus.

At the moment we know absolutely nothing about Pathogen, only that it is going to be a pre-workout supplement that’s apparently “ultra strong”. The brand also hasn’t confirmed whether Pathogen is going to be replacing Virus, or if it’s a different kind of experience and will be available alongside it.

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