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Upcoming Pathogen featuring DMHA and 125mg of Tasteless TeaCrine

outbreak pathogen

Following on from our first look at Outbreak Nutrition’s upcoming pre-workout Pathogen, the list of ingredients behind the supplement has been revealed. The formula reveal does also suggest the product is going to replace the brand’s current pre-workout Virus, as it does have quite a few features in common.

The complete facts panel for Outbreak Pathogen has two fewer ingredients compared to Virus, with half of those ingredients also from Virus. Some of the heaviest features in Pathogen are 5g of citrulline malate with no ratio confirming how much is l-citrulline, 3.2g of beta-alanine, and a gram of AGmass branded agmatine.

Outbreak has also included a handful of energy and focus ingredients in Pathogen with half a gram of choline bitartrate, 350mg of caffeine, 125mg of Tasteless TeaCrine, and 100mg each of theobromine and DMHA. We do feel the official label for Pathogen will give us a bit more information, as we’re actually a little unsure on the exact amount of TeaCrine in Pathogen.

outbreak pathogen

For those not familiar with the different forms of the extended energy ingredient, 125mg of regular TeaCrine and 125mg of the tasteless version are not the same. The Tasteless TeaCrine is said to be 40% pure TeaCrine, so if a product has 125mg of the regular TeaCrine you’d need 312mg (approximately) of tasteless to match it. Outbreak just hasn’t mentioned anywhere if the 125mg of TeaCrine in Pathogen is 125mg of pure from 312mg of Tasteless TeaCrine, or 125mg of Tasteless which would be 50mg of TeaCrine.

Regardless of what the TeaCrine amount is as well as the dose of l-citrulline, Outbreak’s upcoming Pathogen looks pretty solid. The caffeine and DMHA almost guarantee it’ll pack a good amount of energy and focus, with the other ingredients adding in a few other effects.

Details on the launch of Pathogen are still a little uncertain, although it has confirmed the pre-workout will be introduced in three Outbreak themed flavors with War-torn Melon, Agent Orange-Pineapple, and Double Barrel Berry.

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