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Pitbull previews its other upcoming pre-workout Pitbull Pump

pitbull pump

Back when we originally introduced the very young supplement company Pitbull Labs, we confirmed that the brand had two pre-workouts coming down the pipeline. Last week we completely unveiled one of those two, and now we have news of what that other product is going to be.

As well as having a stimulant pre-workout formula on the way, which is simply being called Pitbull Pre-Workout. Like a lot of others, the bright and colorful brand is also going to have a stimulant free competitor. A sneak peek at what is called Pitbull Pump has been released, showing off the pre-workout in the typical beta testing style tubs.

All we know about Pitbull Pump so far is that it will be focused on delivering increased muscle pumps, as mentioned stimulant free, and is being tested in three flavors with Blue Raspberry, Cherry Lime, and Rocket Pop.

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