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Triple size Xtend Go pictured in all 3 of its 30 serving flavors

xtend go 90 servings

For quite some time Scivation’s internationally known Xtend BCAAs has beenn available in two sizes, a regular 30 serving and a more cost-effective triple size, 90 serving. That hasn’t been the case for the brand’s energy infused Xtend Go, although it looks like it will be sometime soon.

Images have surfaced today of a second size of Xtend Go that’s the same as the other Xtend tub size packing a total of 90 servings. The new option appears to be coming in all three of the supplement’s flavors with Blue Raspberry, Fruit Punch, and Mango Nectar.

The only detail we’re missing is the all important price on the triple size Xtend Go, which if it’s like the 30 serving it will have the same price as the regular Xtend at around $54.99.

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