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Bragi launches its more advanced wire free earbuds, the Dash Pro

Bragi Dash Pro

If you’re a fan of truly wireless earbuds and don’t mind spending a little extra money for a few extra features. You might be interested in the latest release from one of the original truly wireless earbud makers, Bragi.

Following on from last year’s launch of Bragi’s Headphone, which is a more cost effective wire free solution, comes the Dash Pro. The new set of earbuds is simply a more advanced version of the brand’s first audio release, the Dash.

Bragi’s Dash Pro features a five-hour battery life, with its carrying case able to charge the earbuds five times over. It also has a one-meter deep waterproof design, HD audio, 4gb of onboard storage if you prefer to workout without your phone near you, and a real-time 40 language translator.

While all of those highlights are quite impressive, it is the Dash Pro’s AI technology that’s most interesting. The feature helps out with a number of things including control of the device via gestures and the intuitive activity tracker that now detects and activates when you engage in physical activity.

Bragi Dash Pro

You can find out more about the Dash Pro on Bragi’s website, where you can also now purchase the product. Despite it being an upgraded version, the new Dash Pro doesn’t cost too much more than the original Dash. The price on it is $329, although there is an even more expensive option for those that like a little customization.

If you have the money spare and would like to get the best experience out of the Dash Pro, Bragi has the Dash Pro tailored by Starkey. Basically for an extra $170 you can get the tips for the earbuds made to fit your ear based on an electronic scan, and you’ll get your name laser engraved on the earbuds and their charging case.

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