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Bragi’s simplified, truly wireless Headphone now available for pre-order at $119.99

bragi headphone

If the truly wireless earbuds that we posted about at the beginning of the week caught your attention, then you’re probably going to want to hear about the set we have details on today. Before anyone else got into the market of zero wire Bluetooth earbuds, there was the Kickstarted Dash from Bragi. The Dash was the first of its kind combining music, activity tracking, and phone calls, and a product that the brand has now followed up with the much simpler Bragi Headphone.

When we say simpler we do definitely mean it, as Bragi’s recently unveiled Headphone does kind of the same things as the Dash but without a few of its flashy bonus features. Some of its more obvious differences are that it has physical buttons and no multi-colored LED lights. As for the changes on the inside, the Bragi Headphone doesn’t have any room to store your music or an activity tracker like the Dash, although its battery does last 50% longer.

To find out a little more about the new Bragi Headphone you can check it out on the brand’s website at On the website you can also now pre-order Bragi’s second ever product, which is where you can see all of its simplifying pay off in its relatively nice price tag. The cost of the truly wireless set of headphones is actually half that of the Dash at $149.99. The price gets even better if you order now as the brand is running a pre-order promotion discounting it to $119.99, with shipping expected to take place sometime in November.

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