Giant Keto launched for $70 with a free box of keto test strips

May 18th, 2017
Giant Keto

Giant Sports’ first entry into the world of ketogenic supplements Giant Keto, has officially launched this week through both the brand’s own website and Amazon. Each option has its positives with one being cheaper but no stock yet, and the other coming with a freebie and stock available now.

It is Giant’s online store that is the first place with Giant Keto in stock at $69.99 for a full 20 serving tub, and with a free 100 pack box of ketone test strips. Because the packed out product is over $59, it also qualifies for free shipping.

The other option is to go to Amazon where Giant Keto is more than 25% cheaper for a limited time at $49.99 a tub. Unlike Giant’s store, Amazon doesn’t have Giant Keto in stock yet, although shipping isn’t too far away with Tuesday the 23rd of May said to be the day it arrives.

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