KetoSports introduces Keto Blitz featuring more ketone power

May 19th, 2017
Keto Blitz

The ketogenic supplement specialists KetoSports has confirmed that an all-new product is joining its family sometime next month. The name of the product is Keto Blitz, which so far hasn’t had too much said about it.

Outside of the supplement’s name, the only other details we have for KetoSports’ upcoming Keto Blitz is that it will have more BHB, less sodium, great flavor, and overall more ketone power. We’re not too sure what exactly that translates to regarding doses and ingredients, although we should be getting all the specifics very soon.

As mentioned KetoSports plans on launching Keto Blitz sometime next month, however it is officially going to debut this weekend at the Paleo f(x) event in Austin, Texas. We imagine the brand will be able to elaborate a little more on Keto Blitz following that, so definitely stay tuned for more.

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