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Get 33% extra in USN’s Muscle Fuel Anabolic Variety Pack

muscle fuel anabolic

This week USN has launched a very interesting option for UK fans of its protein formula Muscle Fuel Anabolic. The new option is actually four flavors in one, as it is a variety pack for the brand’s larger, usually 4kg bucket of Muscle Fuel Anabolic.

Packed inside the monstrous supplement are four bags, each one being a single flavor of Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla, and Cookies & Cream. From what we understand however, you can count one of those bags as free, as each one weighs 1.33kg, totaling 5.32kgs instead of the usual 4kgs.

The new Muscle Fuel Anabolic Variety Pack gets you 33% extra or 25% free compared to any of the other Muscle Fuel Anabolic buckets.

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