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Natural Orange Modern BCAA launched with a free pair of USP socks

orange modern bcaa

Yesterday USP Labs officially launched its first naturally flavored Modern BCAA with the stevia and monk fruit infused Orange. Fans were directed to the brand’s insider group to access an exclusive sale on the product, although today we’ve got the info and link to share with everyone.

The deal isn’t quite as good as the two tubs for $40 which we got with the release of USP’s Peach Tea Modern BCAA, but it does come with a freebie and a discounted add-on. The details are, purchase a single tub of the natural Orange Modern BCAA for $29.99 and get a free pair of USP compression socks.

The add-on the brand has made available for its Orange launch is spend an extra $20 and you can get another full tub of Modern BCAA in the flavor of your choice. To access the deal click this link, which is only going to be online for a limited time.

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