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Pitbull confirms Sprinkled Donut Whey with a massive BOGO sale

pitbull labs

Pitbull Labs has hit our Stack3d Pro Supplement Expo with two major attractions on its page, similar to a number of other exhibitors. Firstly, the brand has confirmed that Sprinkled Donut Pitbull Whey is a real thing, not just something in the works anymore, and is going to be available in roughly six week’s time.

The other highlight of Pitbull Labs’ Stack3d Pro page is its incredible supplement sale. For this week only there are three coupon codes available that’ll get you two tubs for the price of one on all three of Pitbull’s products.

The offer gets you either of the brand’s BCAAs, regular or stimulant-infused, for $20 a tub, and $22.50 for a 2lb tub of the protein powder Pitbull Whey. As mentioned there are coupon codes needed for the sale, all of which can be found on the brand’s page in the South Hall at

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