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Dave Palumbo getting ready to add an amino to his Species line

species amino evolve

Species Nutrition is a well-known supplement company from the widely known pro bodybuilder Dave Palumbo, who is also behind the bodybuilding website RxMuscle. Some of Species’ most popular products include the isolate protein Isolyze, the fiber supplement Fiberlyze, and the joint formula Arthorlyze.

Very soon Dave Palumbo’s Species line of products is going to grow by one, as a new amino supplement is confirmed to be on the way. The name of it is going to be Species Amino Evolve, and it will feature a combination of fermented amino acids with a high amount of branched chain amino acids.

The release time frame on Species Amino Evolve is some time this summer, with the brand’s website expected to be one of the first places to stock the product.

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