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SwoleMate preview confirms BCAAs, beta-alanine, and a hefty serving size

iForce SwoleMate

iForce Nutrition has released a first look at the new supplement it announced back at this year’s Fitcon Expo in London, with the interestingly named SwoleMate. Like with most, today’s preview of the upcoming iForce product does confirm a few details outside of what it looks like.

Firstly we get the official category of SwoleMate, which is an intra-workout BCAA formula, right away confirming that the supplement features BCAAs in some way. There is also one other ingredient confirmed in our first look at the product with beta-alanine, dosed at a clinical 3.2g.

There are said to be a few other features called out on the front of SwoleMate, although they have been edited out for today’s preview. That does also make a lot of sense when you notice the supplement’s tub weight of 450g, which works out to 15g per serving if it has 30 servings per tub, leaving plenty of room for other ingredients.

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