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Anth Bailes’ launching a MaxxMuscle supplement line early August

MaxxMuscle Atomic Bomb

MaxxMuscle is a popular gym over in the UK run by the even more well-known IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Anth “The Freak” Bailes. Very soon Bailes is going to expand on his gym’s name with a line of MaxxMuscle supplements currently being referred to as the 100 % Or Nothing Series.

From what we know the line was initially intended to launch at this year’s UK BodyPower Expo in Birmingham, which was last month. Anth Bailes did end up missing that as he didn’t want to release anything until he was completely happy with it.

Everything now appears to be a lot more in order, with the MaxxMuscle 100 % Or Nothing Series due to officially launch sometime early August. While that is still about two months away, Anth Bailes has dropped a few details about the supplements to get everyone excited and prepared.

MaxxMuscle Supplements

So far we know of three products from the 100 % Or Nothing Series with the pre-workout Atomic Bomb, protein powder Tactical Whey, and fat burner Thermo 9mm. Atomic Bomb is the only item we have any formula details for as Anth Bailes has confirmed it will feature TeaCrine theacrine, a blend of citrulline malate and nitrate, HydroMax glycerol, DMHA, taurine, and beetroot nitrate.

Based on the formula sneak peek at Atomic Bomb with ingredients for energy, focus, muscle pumps, and performance. It sounds like Anth Bailes’ MaxxMuscle supplements are going to be worth the wait. As more information comes in, we’ll be sure to share it, with the first day of August currently seven weeks away.