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Delicious Caramel Pretzel Ooh Snap Bar now available

Caramel Pretzel Ooh Snap

Back at the Arnold Classic in Columbus, we were fortunate enough to get a sample of a new protein bar flavor from the team over at Snap Nutrition. A few weeks later we then reviewed that product, which was the Caramel Pretzel Ooh Snap Bar.

The new flavor from Snap is just as delicious as its other protein bar options, featuring a complementing mix of flavors including caramel, marshmallow, and of course pretzel. Now, roughly three months after we got our hands on the Caramel Pretzel Ooh Snap Bar, it is finally available for purchase.

Snap Nutrition fans and protein bar enthusiasts can now pick up the enjoyable snack direct at Buying straight from the brand will, of course, cost you a little more than the likes of, however Snap’s price isn’t too bad at $16.99 for box of seven.