New Cherry Limeade G Fuel designed by Douglas “Censor” Martin

Jun 17th, 2017
Cherry Limeade G Fuel

Gamma Labs has launched its incredible 18th flavor of its flagship energy formula G Fuel, that still to this day is a go-to supplement for us when it comes to getting work done. The latest addition to the already massive G Fuel line-up is the fairly common two taste recipe Cherry Limeade.

The new release does also have a bit of a story behind it, as just like the brand’s last two G Fuels, Cherry Limeade was put together with the help of someone. Similar to Nade Shot’s LemoNADE, and FaZe Rain’s Tropical Rain, Gamma’s Cherry Limeade was designed by the massively popular, professional gamer Douglas “Censor” Martin.

Gamma Labs has already made its new Cherry Limeade G Fuel available through the product’s dedicated website at Currently, you can’t get it in stick packs or boxes, only the cost-effective 40 serving tub with for a limited time a free shaker for the usual price of $35.99.

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