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Blackstone Labs renames its Dust Extreme replacement Dust X

Dust X

Last month Blackstone Labs brought back its much loved original pre-workout, Dust Extreme with DMAA, although without noopept. The supplement can already be pre-ordered through the brand’s website in the King of All Stims stack, which is a combination of Dust Extreme and the DMAA fat burner King Cobra.

Some new information has now come in this week that we feel is worth sharing to help avoid any future confusion. While the DMAA Dust Extreme has returned, the previous version featuring stimulant 2-aminoisoheptane and intended to replace the original, is still available. To help fans tell them apart, Blackstone has kept the DMAA formula as Dust Extreme and renamed the other edition Dust X.

Dust Extreme

Basically, moving forward if you’re looking for the Dust Extreme that’s been available for the past few months you’re going to want to purchase the pre-workout Dust X. If however, you’re after the DMAA original, the more familiar Dust Extreme name and bottle is what you’re looking for.